Hayden Dover, MA

Life & Relationship Coach
Somatic Sexologist


I am a Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Somatic Sexologist based with over 15 years of experience, working as a therapist and life coach, supporting clients in creating more rewarding lives and relationships.   I am passionate about working with my clients to facilitate self-awareness which allows them to make choices that are healthy, empowering and aid them in developing a greater sense of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives.

My path to working as a life coach started with my own experience of being stuck, depressed and disconnected from my core values.  Though this was extraordinarily painful for me at the time I am grateful that it started me on my path of self-discovery and growth which has been deeply rewarding.  With the aide and guidance of coaches and mentors I discovered my passion for being of service to others on their life journey. 

I have worked as a massage therapist, personal trainer, therapist and life coach.  My work is strongly influenced by somatic approaches that work with the mind body connection as well as existential thought and positive psychology.  I have studied and utilize Sex Therapy, Hakomi Method, Existential Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology and Bioenergetics in my work. In 2005 I completed my masters degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and I have been in private practice as a therapist and life coach since 2010. 

I am truly grateful to be able to share in the work that my clients do to live richer more authentic lives.  They continually inspire me in my own ongoing learning and growth.

I am Tantra, kink, poly, LGBTQ+, sex work friendly and trauma-informed.

My practice welcomes couples and individuals (men, women, and non-binary clients) of all sexual preferences and orientations.


Masters of Somatic Counseling Psychology – 2005
California Institute of Integral Studies
San Francisco, CA

Hakomi Method Training– 2004
Hakomi Institute of California
San Francisco, CA

Sex Therapist Training – 2019
Buehler Institute
Newport Beach, CA

Additional Background:

Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine – 2002
Apex Fitness Group – 2001

Massage Therapist
San Francisco School of Massage – 2001

What My Clients Are Saying

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